Tukr's timing was flawless, he came along at just the right time, following the emotional loss of Cedarwoods Dusty Rose, I was in need of a new sidekick. He was the perfect choice. Tukr went everywhere with me during his 14 1/2 years. He had an explosive 20 plus foot water entry and field search was totally stellar. Everything about this dog was about speed and intensity, yet when in the house he turned that motor off and was a model citizen. If you were fotunalte to meet Tukr, he left an impression on you for the rest of your years, watch this dog's slide show in the Photo Gallery page of this website. He was the absolute total package when it comes to a stellar versatile hunting dog. Tukr was the epitomy of planned parenthood having 27 of 28 dogs on his pedigree sporting a NAVHDA Natural Ability Prize I. He held a NAVHDA Prize I in Natural Ability and a Prize II in Utility. Tukr also had a first place win in NSTRA. Now deceased, his frozen semen will be used to continue his genetic prowess.