Zoey's mother, Priarie Trouts Bonnie is the most affectionate, friendly female I have ever come across. It was this level of affection that I was looking for when I picked a pup from this breeding. Not in my wildest dreams did I expect to get a pup with the bird finding savey that Zoey exhibits along with her affection level toward people. Not since Cedarwoods Dusty Rose, have I seen a dog with this total package at Zoey's level. Ironically, Dusty is her great-grandmother and the phenotypes (physical appearances) are nearly identical. Zoey earned both a NAVHDA Prize I in Natural Ability and Utility on her first attempt when barely 2 years old. Her field performances are always stellar as she naturally stands birds with profound intensity, backs naturally, and is always stalwart during land or water retrieving. Zoey's "claim to fame", however, is being retrieved from McCall's Payette Lake for chasing geese nearly a half mile from shore by the marine patrol.