Zin is a NAVHDA Prize I female both in Natural Ability and Utility, recieving these titles on her first attempt. She is the summary of great breedings, as her pedigree shows 27 out of the 28 dogs in her background to be Natural Ability Prize I. She is from a Cedarwoods Image of Jake and Cedarwoods Amadeus breeding as was Cedarwoods First Offense, and we feel that at this horizon, our "line" of pudelpointers has finally been established and will breed true, with our pups showing the authentic traits we look for. Zin has that extra special affectionate, clownish personality that is so desired around the home and her work in the field is supported by her test scores. Not a big running dog herslf, Zin has produced pups like Cedarwood Man O War, Cedarwoods Maid of Honor, Cedarwoods Masked Man, and Cedarwoods Madonna, however, that attack the field like her father Amadeus. She is our grouse specialist as she always hunt in our sight and stands well off her finds.